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Tahajjud Prayer And Its Benefits

Tahajjud Prayer Benefits

  Muslims must pray five times a day. Muslims can offer more prayers than these five to win Allah’s favor. These prayers are known as nafl or supererogatory prayers. Nafl is shorthand for getting more. Numerous nafl prayers exist, such as Ishraq, Tahyat ul Wudhu, Chasht, and Awabeen. However, Tahajjud is the most fruitful and […]

 The Benefits of Memorizing the Quran through Ahadith and Ayaat

Quran Memorization Benefits

Memorizing the Quran is one of a Muslim’s most virtuous and rewarding acts. It is a sacred act that provides enormous spiritual benefits, strengthens one’s faith, and connects one to Allah’s teachings. For Muslims, the Quran is the ultimate source of guidance, and memorizing it allows one to internalize and apply its teachings daily. The […]