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ALLAH (SWT)’s greatest blessing to Muslims is the Holy Quran. The book contains all the solutions to the challenges we face. We can see the necessary messages and teachings of ALLAH (SWT) for living a peaceful and prosperous life. Muslim parents always want their children to learn the Holy Quran at a young age so that they can learn and understand its teachings and apply them in their daily lives from the start. In this blog, we will discuss online Quran learning tips and strategies that can make online Quran learning easier.

10 Tips for Learning The Quran 

The Quran is a sacred text for Muslims worldwide. As Muslims, we have to recognize the importance of performing five mandatory prayers and reading the Quran regularly. These activities refresh our bodies and souls and help us improve our lives by following the words of Allah Almighty and His great messenger, Muhammad (PBUH). Here are the ten suggestions for learning the Quran.

1. Set realistic goals when learning the Quran

When you set realistic goals for learning the Quran may help you stay motivated and will also prevent feelings of being overwhelmed. Learning the Quran has both benefits and challenges. But it’s important to set reasonable goals to avoid getting overwhelmed or bored while studying the Quran.

Begin by making a weekly commitment to memorize a few verses. When you get more familiar with the Quran, you can gradually increase your memorization of the verses. You can set goals for other areas of your Quran studies, like comprehending the meaning of verses or Surahs. Taking it slow and establishing realistic goals will help you make your Quran studies enjoyable and fruitful.

2. Establish a dedicated study area

You are vulnerable to various internal and external distractions that can seriously impair your learning. The best way to avoid distractions is to set aside a quiet and secluded area at home to study the Quran online. Your learning environment should be distinct from where you watch TV or eat dinner. 

Ask your family members to cooperate, ensuring they do not disturb you while studying. Avoid excessive phone use and log out of your social media accounts if possible because it can cause unexpected interruptions from your friends.

3. Find an experienced and knowledgeable Quran tutor.

A tutor for the Quran can help you comprehend the text more deeply and learn how to put its lessons into practice in your daily life. Locating a Quran tutor with experience and knowledge is essential. 

Ensure they can address any queries regarding your text and offer advice on living by its precepts. With the correct tutor, you can establish a lifetime relationship with the Quran that will improve all facets of your life. A good teacher can make all the difference when learning something new, so find someone who can help you understand the material and respond to your questions.

4. Mark your calendar with study time.

Watch lectures or attend classes whenever you’d like. It is simple to forget your study time and miss your session, though, as there is no one to watch over you and no punishments.

You can set an alarm to remind you to study the Quran at the designated time, or you can put your schedule on your calendar and request an email notification. It will help you show up on time for every class. Recall that the secret to swiftly learning the Quran online is consistency.

5. Practise regularly.

With more practice, your understanding and memorization of the Quran will improve. Make an effort to study for at least a little bit each day. One of the best ways to learn the Quran is through regular memorization. Regularly reciting the Quran will assist you in understanding the meanings of the verses and help you retain the information. 

Furthermore, memorizing the Quran can improve your relationship with Allah. Saying verses out loud allows you to reflect more thoroughly on what Allah has said during prayer.

6. Actively take notes

When students study the Qur’an online, I’ve noticed that they typically don’t care to fix errors in the text. This is why they keep repeating the same mistakes. Errors are common, and it’s acceptable to experience them. That’s where the issue arises if they remain unfixed.

The best course of action is to list all the faults you made during each session and work on them during your practice session before or after class. Moreover, there’s no need to take notes, and you shouldn’t assume that your comprehension of everything is sufficient. Not everything is essential, especially the Tajweed rules, for future use. 

7. Recognise and reward yourself for your achievements along the way.

Enjoy your successes as you continue to learn new things. Rewarding yourself will encourage you to continue until you accomplish all your objectives. It could be as easy as watching your favorite show. Make sure it is something that will sustain you, whatever it is. Although studying the Quran can be challenging, it is a worthwhile endeavor. Rewarding yourself for your accomplishments also helps you stay motivated and on track to reach your objectives.

8. Be willing to seek assistance when necessary.

You need not hesitate to ask your tutor or any other scholar questions about your course. Admitting that you need help is not a source of shame. Asking for help can be very helpful when learning and memorizing the Quran.

It can be intimidating to attempt to learn all 6348 verses of the Quran by yourself because it is a sacred book. Luckily, you have a wealth of resources at your disposal. 

9. Attend only one Quran course at a time.

Online Quran courses are widely accessible. Select one course that matches your current proficiency level and does not enroll in more than one at a time. 

For instance, you should start with the foundations of the Noorani Qaida. To get better at reciting, enroll in the Tajweed course. In the same way, you should only use a memorization program if you wish to commit the Quran to memory. 

10. Believe in Allah’s (God’s) promises.

There are great rewards for struggling to learn the Quran, both here on Earth and in the Hereafter, as Allah (God) promised in his book. Lastly, it is imperative to study the Quran as a spiritual endeavor. 

Whatever your reason for studying the Quran, always remember that Allah (God) has promised in His Book that there will be a great reward both here on earth and in the Hereafter. Recall that Allah (God) is gracious and forgiving, even if you make mistakes in your academic pursuits. If you are persistent and have faith, you can succeed on this path of knowledge. Never, ever give up, and be patient and committed to yourself.


Studying the Quran is a beautiful experience and a huge blessing. You can succeed in your Quranic studies with a well-balanced schedule, a dedicated soul, and a good tutor. And also, don’t forget to never give up on this path and always have faith in Allah’s (God’s) promises. We hope this guide will help you reach your goal of accurately and conveniently learning the Quran. Best of luck with your academics from Quran Tutors Online!