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Rights of Parents in Islam – With References to the Quran and Hadith

Islamic Parental Rights Guide

Parents are one of Allah’s (SWT) greatest blessings. Everyone in the world must love and respect their parents. Only Islam places such a high value on parents. Islam has granted parents rights, and every Muslim child is required to exercise these rights. As Muslims, we should always express gratitude to our parents. Parents at various […]

What Is the Meaning of Allah Akbar?

Meaning of Allahu Akbar

The words Allahu Akbar are used regularly and again in every Muslim’s life; you may have heard them while a friend was praying, in a mosque, or even abused in a movie and wondered what they meant. But these are some of the most significant words we frequently use during each salah (prayer), and they […]

All About Umrah: The Islamic Pilgrimage

Islamic pilgrimage spiritual journey

The Umrah is an Islamic pilgrimage to Makkah that can be performed at any time of the year. It differs from the Ḥajj, which has specific times depending on the Islamic lunar calendar. Umrah is an Arabic word that implies to visit a crowded place.  Muslims can refresh their faith, ask for pardon, and pray […]

A Detail Notes on Ramadan: A Sacred Month

The Sacred Month of Ramadan

One of the holiest months for Muslims is Ramadan, which falls during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. The Holy Qur’an is said to have descended from heaven this month “as a guidance for men and women, a declaration of direction, and a means of salvation.” Muslims follow a severe fast from sunrise to […]

Empowering Women: Unveiling Rights and Equality in Islam

Islamic Women's Rights Equality

Islam elevated women’s standing; in most cases, they were granted the same rights as men. Thus, it is required of women, just as men, to believe in and worship Allah. In the Hereafter, women are granted the same rewards as males. Women have the right to self-expression, to offer accurate counsel, to prohibit wrong deeds, […]

The Vital Role of Salah (Prayers) in a Muslim’s Life

Significance of Salah in Islam

Salah is the primary form of worship that a Muslim performs five times daily. A Muslim must offer Salah, and a Muslim should make no excuses for doing so. The offering of Salah and expressing Muslims’ devotion to their Lord provides other benefits that every Muslim values highly. The establishment of Salah is one of […]

Islamic Parenting: Tips and Guide

Islamic parenting tips

Raising children is one of the most significant duties. “It takes a whole village to raise a child” is a parenting quote, which means that raising a child is a huge responsibility. Islam has provided guidelines for every aspect of life. Parenting is one of these. Islam teaches us the proper way to raise a […]

The Importance of Hajj: A Sacred Journey in Islam

The Importance of Hajj

Every Muslim must make the Hajj or journey to Mecca at least once in their lifetime, if possible. It is the most spiritual experience a Muslim can have, with rituals performed in the most sacred locations in the Islamic world. Mecca is the place where the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was born. Islam’s holiest site is […]

The Key Benefits of Ayatul Kursi

Ayatul Kursi Benefits

The Quran is the sacred book revealed by Almighty Allah to our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW). The Quran is a book of guidance for all humanity, not just Muslims. All the Ayahs of the Quran are significant in their own right, but some are more prominent than others. One such example is Ayatul Kursi. Ayatul […]

Rules of Madd in Tajweed Explained

Tajweed Madd Rules

Tajweed – a profound discipline dedicated to preserving the purity and eloquence of the divine text – is hidden in the rhythmic cadence of Quranic recitation. Among its complex rules is the enchanting concept of “Madd,” a nuanced form of elongation that brings the Holy Quran’s verses to life. As we journey through the Rules […]